About Me


I started Diversified Design and Fabrication in 2021 with the goal of bringing my designs and ideas to the market for the benefit of my customers.  I got serious with metal fabrication and design while doing small projects on my CUCV M1010.  Like most, I paid shops to do work on my vehicles whenever I didn’t have the space, time, tools, or skill.  I made the plunge to further my skills once I realized I could buy a welder for the same price as some of the work that was quoted.

The first logical purchase after buying a welder was to buy a welding cart and table.  The options were either cheap and flimsy, or out of my price range so I decided to build my own.  I wasted a lot of time and material because I did not have solid plans.  That is what led me to learning about 3D CAD.  Ever since then the ideas have been flowing on a consistent basis.

I look forward to bringing quality products to the market and seeing my products being used around the world.

Marcus Woodard